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                                          Ranch RV Park
                                2353 175th St Okoboji, IA 51355
                                                                            Rules are in effect as of 3/15/2018  
 Rules /Requirements for Ranch RV Park facility located at 2353 175th St. Okoboji, IA 51355. These are part of the terms of your lease. Rules may be amended when necessary; in that event you will be given a new set of rules. Season runs from April 15 to Oct 15 each year. You do not have a lease after Oct 15th each year.
1.Lessee must be at least 18 years old to attain a registered site. Registration & Rent: Rent must be paid in advance. We accept cash or personal checks with proper ID. We do not accept credit cards.
2.2011 year RV models or newer, if older and in excellent condition may be approved by management. AT YOUR CAMPSITE
Everyone is expected to keep their site clean and orderly. All trash should be bagged and brought to the dumpster. There is no trash pickup at your site. All sewer lines must be free from leaks and recommended to have a "do-nut" or threaded attachment into the sewer. Alcoholic beverages are allowed only at your site. We do not allow clotheslines. It is prohibited to wash autos or RV's with a hose using Ranch RV Park water. You can hire a service company that will bring water with them in a tank and they will clean your unit for a fee. Due to noise, generators are only to be used during emergencies. Oil changes and other such types of vehicle maintenance are not allowed but other minor fixes may be. Check with the office before performing any vehicle maintenance or repair. If there are any problems or damages at your site please inform us immediately.
Sites are approximately 70 feet deep x 30 feet wide. There is a gravel pad where RV will sit. Each lot has a 20’x20’ rock designated parking area. One RV per site is allowed.
Observe a safe speed and watch for children, pets and wildlife. Drive on the roads only. Do not use pull-thru spaces for short cuts. Park in your own area or assigned spot. Do not park in open spaces without prior office approval. Do not park or drive through the grass or where the grass is supposed to be. Visitor parking is by the office and next to the dumpster.
5.There is extra parking available for boats and cars on premises, ask for availability and permission.
6.Each lot has room for 2 vehicles in addition to their RV unit, if you have visitors they must use your designated parking area unless the lot owner is already occupying it with own vehicles. In this case these visitors will use the extra parking area on the east side of property. A visitor is someone who is visiting 1 week or less in any 1 month. Other arrangements for parking are needed if stays are longer than 1 week and want to park on extra parking area. If visitor wants to park longer, submit request and it will be reviewed my management of Ranch RV Park, it may be accepted or denied. Please call for any questions about this 
Visitors can have vehicles only, no boats, trailers, other rv units, nothing other than a car or pickup for visitors. They will be asked to leave the park.
Lessee is responsible for their guests and visitors. Lessee is responsible to inform guests of rules and regulations.
Any vehicle may not protrude into the access roads.

7. Leases are on a 1 (6 month) season basis , April 15th to Oct 15th each year. You may keep unit here the winter before the your season begins, for no extra cost to the lease; however down payment of no less than $250 is required and due by Oct 31 (current season), Cost of lease is $3000 -$3100. All sites are full hookup. Current lessees that are not are not returning the next season, you must have your unit removed from the entire Ranch RV Property and Ranch property by Oct 15 of your lease season. Lease season is April 15 to Oct. 15 , a 6 month lease period in any one year. Please let us know if you are not returning by Labor Day (current season.)
8.Included with your lease:
 A. water
  B. sewer
  C. garbage service (dumpster area) garbage that is accrued when living in your RV only. 
  D. Free WiFi internet access
  9. Each lot has its own electric meter . Bill comes in the form of a lot fee or utility fee . 
All spaces have 50 amp., 30 amp., and 15-20 amp.
  10. All sites must be picked up and clean from debris (trash) at all times. We want the park to maintain a clean appearance at all times. No burning of trash at any time! No burning of trash in a fire pit and no trash left in a fire pit, this draws critters and trash will blow around, there will be a fine of $50 if caught with doing any of these violations.
  11. Pets are welcome and must be kept on a leash at all times. Dogs must be registered with management and require certificate of vaccinations. No Pit Bull , Rottweilers or any other aggressive dog will be allowed. We reserve the right to accept or deny a dog. Dogs must be kept quiet and cannot be of nuisance to others. We are located right on the bike/walking trail so there is ample exercise area 
  12. If lessee desires to add a patio/deck over the grass area on their site, they first must obtain from the City of Okoboji a building permit. Cost is $20. Decks must be built out of pervious materials, such as wood or pavers, to abide by low impact development rules and guidelines. Decks can be as large as you want as long as it is within your lot setbacks and does not interfere with another lot. All decks and structures must be approved by Ranch RV Park personnel before being built or brought in. Brick paver patios installed at the expense of the lessee , on any lot ,become part of the property and cannot be removed from land. Pavers/brick/cement becomes part of the Ranch RV Park property at no cost to The Ranch RV Park.
  13. Any structure to be constructed or brought in on the lot requires a building permit from the City of Okoboji. Any structures must be approved before erected or brought in by management of Ranch RV Park. Anything left behind after a lease has expired , becomes the property of Ranch RV Park and will be used, disposed of or left in place to be used at park. Ranch RV Park is not a storage facility, if objects are not needed they will be destroyed.
  14. Quite time is 11pm to 7:30am. Children must be inside unit after 11pm.
  15. We have created a relaxing RV park for family and friends to enjoy. We will not allow and may ask you to leave if roughhousing and or disrespectful conduct is taking place. Minors may NOT consume alcohol. No drugs or marijuana! We reserve the right to remove from the premises drunk and disorderly persons. Please keep this in mind when considering joining our park.
  16. Season will run each year from April 15th to Oct 15th. Keeping park open for as long as possible will be a priority and is based on the weather and is at the decision of Ranch RV Park management. Those of you that want to keep your unit on site over the winter may do so; it is an option for all. You must keep insurance on your RV unit, Ranch RV Park has no liability for damage or theft of your RV unit, lot premises or out buildings. We will keep you updated of the opening and closing schedules by email or phone.
  17. In the event a down payment is made to reserve your spot for the new season ahead of an amount no less than $250 due on or before Oct 31 every year, This will not be refundable later on for any reason. If down payment is not received by Oct 31, you are in jeopardy of losing your spot at the park. Your application for lease will be revoked. Notification will take place. You agree to come when asked to pick up your unit and remove it from Ranch RV Park and Ranch property and pay any unpaid utility bills before leaving. Every effort will be made to meet the spring opening date.  
18. LEASE MONEY: down Payment of $250 must be paid no later than Oct 31 and will reserve your existing lot for the new season and subject to the terms outlined above on line 17. This $250 is part of your full lease amount . The Remaining balance of lease is due by the end of January the following year before the lease season begins in April. All accounts that are not paid are subject to loosing their spot. 
  19. Firearms and fireworks are prohibited anywhere on the park property.
  20. Tents are not permitted.
  21. Lessee must obey all local, state, and federal laws.
  22. Emergency numbers: 911 or the clubhouse @ 712-332-2159.
  23. Ranch RV Park is for recreational enjoyment, no extra work vehicles, no storage of job materials or equipment, and no commercial business shall be run out of your RV unit or site.
  24. Fire rings are available until they run out, just ask. You may bring your own fire devise as long as it is safe. Management reserves the right to ask for removal of any fire devise that may be a hazard. Oak Fire wood will be available for purchase and must be stored off the grass areas. Do not bring wood into park from other counties and states as it can bring disease and insect infests .
 Never leave fire unattended.
Wood is the only material that may be burned! No accelerators! 
NOTE: We have LOCAL OAK FIRE WOOD for sale right on the property and ask that you do not bring wood from home, this is due to insect, and disease being brought into the lakes area.
  25. Do not trim trees. Do not hook up to trees. Close lines must be attached to RV unit not to trees. You may use decorative garden accents; however they should not conflict with lawn maintenance and must be removed if you no longer are leasing the site. Watering of the lawn is prohibited. Lawn maintenance will be performed by Ranch RV Park. NO washing of Boats, Vehicles of any kind, your rv unit using our water. PLEASE SHUT YOUR WATER OFF AT THE HYDRANT WHEN YOU LEAVE FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME.

26. In the event you choose to leave or are asked to leave the park for any reason, you agree to pay your LOT FEE bill immediately. NO REFUNDS If you decide to leave, we need two weeks’ notice that you will be leaving park, call 712-332-2159. NOTE:After 3 violations you may be asked to leave. NO REFUNDS
27. You must carry your own insurance for your camper while it is parked at the Ranch RV Park. Ranch RV Park is not liable for any camper damage.

 Ranch RV Park
Located at 2353 175th street
Okoboji, IA 51355
2020 Ranch RV Park Application for Lease signature page.
  By signing below you are applying for a 6 month lease for 2020 RV season starting April 15, 2020 to Oct 15, 2020. You have been granted acceptance by Ranch Rv Park as signed below.
Those of you, who were with us in 2019 season, may keep your unit on the existing lot for the winter as long as you pay the down payment of no less than $250 or more, or paid in full if you choose to. If not paid, unit must be removed Oct 15th on leases last day.
 By signing this you agree to the terms and conditions of Rules dated 3/14/2019. Please read the following NEW rules and initial to indicate you have read and agree. Married couples must both read and initial.
Just a reminder that there are no tents allowed. If you see one go up, please let us know right away. If we don’t know about it , we can’t do anything about it.______ initial
 Bachelor or bachelorette parties are not allowed. Be advised: you and your party will be asked to leave the park. Your lease will be terminated and trailer will need to be removed from park immediately with no refund of any kind._____ initial
Ranch RV Park reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the park for any reason, for example, repetitive breaking of rules, late payments, ect. There are no refunds.______initial
Permission is needed when having a guest stay at their camper, see rules of the park for description of a guest. NO SUBLEASING, NO RENTING. The camper is to be occupied by the person or persons whose name is on the lease. The signed lessee must be the owner of camper that sits on Ranch RV Park leased land. No lease transfers. Selling a unit during your lease does not automatically transfer the lease. Application is necessary and our waiting list is taken into consideration. _______initial
Boats and trailers that are parked in the designated areas must be OWNED BY A signed lessee. Violators will be towed at their expense.______initial
We love your dogs, but you must keep your dog on a leash. Always clean up after your dogs.______initial
If you have a small get together at your unit, your guests must leave on or before quiet time,11pm.________initial
Lease is on an application basis every new lease period (April 15-Oct 15) every year. You are not automatically in the park each year. Ranch RV Park reserves the right to refuse any existing lessee an application for lease for the next year. This will be based on past performance such as: following the rules and timely payments of all lease payments and lot fees (electrical). ________ initial
Let’s keep our fire pits clean, no glass or cans, diapers, or trash, there is a trash area provided along the driveway. _________initial
Bicycles must be kept towards the parking area of your site on gravel, they need to be off grass so that we can mow and maintain the grounds. _________initial
  Total Payment for 2020 season is due on or before January 15, 2020 and is at the rate of $_______. You must send no less than $250 or more now as a down payment or pay in full now. Fill amount in below.
Down payment $_________ or Paid In Full $_________  
Balance due__________ by Jan 15th, 2020
Lot #___ Apply for 2020 season signed (married couples need to both sign)_________________________________________Dated________
You have been Accepted by______________ dated —-Delinquent Jan 21st 2020
If you do not want to apply, please call Laurie at 712-330-8334 ASAP
Send signed signature page and payments to:  
  Ranch RV Park PO Box 276, Okoboji, IA 51355

By signing below Lessee agrees to the above rules and regulations.
____________________________ Lessee ______________________dated
____________________________ Accepted by Ranch RV Park ___________dated

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